Examples Of Good Vs Evil In Beowulf

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In the Epic poem of Beowulf, the theme is good vs. evil. But in the movie Hollywood made everything is different. Beowulf is not honest, women are sexually powerful, and the monsters are Hrothgar and Beowulf’s sons, etc. They added many things that were definitely now in the poem. If you read the poem then watching the movie you would be confused. You would be asking so many questions. But the current audience think good vs. evil is boring. Nobody likes a liar and the Hollywood version of Beowulf makes him dishonest. In the poem, Beowulf is challenged by Unferth because the thinks Beowulf is over exaggerating himself about his accomplishment. Beowulf does tell them about how he defeated the monsters going detail to detail. But while he was bragging about it, he remembers a…show more content…
Well, Beowulf was disloyal to his wife by having a servant as a lover. Thanks Hollywood, way to go to ruining a relationship. While he had a side chick, him and his wife just stopped acting like a couple but just like business partners. It’s sad to see how the queen and Beowulf drifted apart that he had to turn to a young girl as a bed mate. In the poem it didn’t talk about the queen that much, or the sections we read. But in the movie, Beowulf is easily controlled by women sexually making them powerful. Pretty much saying men can be easily seduced by any woman who has boobs. For example, when he was killing all the monsters he was easily seduced by the mermaid. She lured him to her and they most likely did the you know what. I think thats the reason why he might have lost the race but my opinion doesn’t matter. Another would be how when he very first saw the queen, he immediately was attracted to her and would dream of her in his sleep, creepy. The worst of all, he fell for Grendel’s mother sleeping with her then leaving his seed inside her. And that seed is the dragon. Like come
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