Examples Of Gothic Elements In Jane Eyre

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The novel Jane Eyre and Great Expectations takes and written during the Victorian Era. The years that make up the Victorian Literature Era are 1830s to 1900s, which is the time that Queen Victoria rule. During the time of the Victorian Era, society ideals are given more power to the rich; a line separates the rich and middle/poor class. Charles Dickens’s novel; Great Expectations, and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre illustrates the differences of the social classes. Dickens uses Pip to show the dreaded life of orphan to a gentleman, while Brontë use Jane to show the life of a mistreated orphan to a rich lady. Throughout Great Expectations and Jane Eyre, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Brontë both promote Gothic elements and Bildungsroman motif to depict the difference in the social classes during Victorian England. Predominantly, throughout Jane Eyre and Great Expectations, Brontë and Dickens use gothic elements to elucidate the difference of social classes in 1900s England. Brontë starts the novel with “cold winter wind” (Brontë 6) with sombre clouds showing the lonely mood that Jane is feeling. The mood that Jane have, mostly come from the mistreatment Jane gets from John and Mrs Reed, like getting sent to the Red Room or the abuse from John. Because of her social rank, therefore another detail that Brontë includes “a sofa by the fireside” (Brontë 6). The rich are around the fire showing comfort while Jane looks over at the event. Showing the mere difference of how Jane is a poor orphan and the others are rich. Later on, Brontë uses the same detail of “[a] sad sky, cold gale” (Brontë 437), and “small, penetrating rain” (Brontë 437). By this time Jane is a rich independent lady that does not need a man. Even so, the setting shows Mr. Rochester’s mood after loosing everything like Jane and Thornfield Hall. Meanwhile in, Dickens’s novel starts with the graveyard and Magwitch as “a man with no hat, and broken shoes” (Dickens 2), the details show a sign of the poor Magwitch. The encounter happens because of Compeyson. Compeyson is a gentleman and have a “public boarding school education” (Dickens 384), also he is a smooth talker and is able to “dab at the ways of gentlefolks”(Dickens 384). Megwich recalls one talk
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