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BOOM. POW. THWACK. KAPOW. Bright colors. These are the things that attract people to comic books. Graphic novels are like comic books in some ways such as the layout, but graphic novels tend to be longer and have more of a serious subject matter. When you asked me to read this graphic novel Persepolis, I was skeptical considering the issue. What I did find, is that it was not as painful as I had imagined. The setup Satrapi used, helped me to understand more of the text than if I had read a book form. I think that you should use the graphic novel format for your new book because it helps readers understand the complicated subject matter, can be a gateway to other literature and can help with reading methods when used in the classroom.
Choosing the graphic novel format has significant advantages. “They can be a brilliant way of bringing literature to reluctant readers and are particularly useful for those who don’t speak English as their first language. The more sophisticated examples contain the kind of complex
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Reading strategies come in handy with this type of work. I used context clues and prior knowledge when reading Persepolis. The whole book made me use words and pictures together as I read. Andrew Miller, Instructional Coach at Shanghai American School, gives some valuable information on using graphic novels and comics in the classroom. Miller says, “Reading standards around Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) can be built through the complex analysis and evaluation of graphic novels and comics. Have students look at how the authors and illustrators use colors, textures, words, text boxes, frames and camera angles; then make connections between these elements and evaluated their effectiveness” (Miller). As a teacher, you will be able to figure out what reading strategies a student is or is not using and help them to expand their

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