Examples Of Greed In The Necklace

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Greed is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs.It is an intense and mostly selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power or fame. In addition, greed usually describes someone that cannot have enough. The more he or she attains, the more he or she wants and is never satisfied like in the cases of Madame Loisel and Mathilde from The Jewels and The Necklace respectively.Set in the early French society, both The Jewels and The Necklace describe the greed exhibited by the protagonists of the stories, Madame Loisel and Mathilde.

In the story of The Jewels, we are introduced to the female character of the story, Madame Lantin who was a perfect wife to her husband, Monseuir Lantin.Despite coming from a poor family she could manage to run his house quite economically and skillfully even with his modest salary as supported by the line from the story," She ran his household so
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She had a vast collection of jewels which according to Monsieur Lantin were fake.She would often admire the beauty of her jewels with passion.Her desire for ornaments became such intense that she had a lover who could afford real ornaments for her, oblivious to
Monsieur Lantin.Her greed for jewellery made her lie to her husband who was deeply in love with her at that time.

After her death from pneumonia, a grief-stricken Monsieur Lantin discovers her lie about the ornaments.Initially heartbroken by his wife's deceive, Monsieur Lantin soon become greedy for money once he discovered that the fake ornaments of his deceased wife which he used to call "trash" were indeed real and cost a large number of francs.
After he realized he was rich, M. Lantin forgot all about his wife's affair and deluded himself that all was okay as long as he was rich. So much so, that six months after his wife died, he remarried to a good upstanding woman that made his life
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