Examples Of Grip In Softball

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How to Grip the Ball
Proper grip is very crucial when holding a softball bat as well as the softball. The way you hold the ball will determine the accuracy and speed you can apply to it. Every softball players should understand how to grip the ball and practice the techniques.
The most usual type of grip is called the four-seam grip. It is when the ball rotates in one full rotation or from top to bottom, making the four seams visible and will travel parallel to the ground. This will allow you to throw the ball o a better path and gives it a good spin to add more velocity. https://pixabay.com/en/softball-leather-glove-recreation-340491/ However, some softball coaches have made variations as how to properly grip a softball. Others believe that the four-seam grip tends to slow down the
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Think of the seams as mini-brakes that will cause stopping once in the ball is thrown in the air. Hold the ball a bit looser and grip it slightly and avoid getting it deep in your palm.
Two-Seams Grip
1. Instead of the usual four-seams grip, the horseshoe or two-seams grip will only have two-seams to spin in the air as it hurls to the home plate.

2. Your thumb will support the ball and hold it. Place your fingers across the seam as if you are holding an egg. Make sure your fingers are placed in the “horseshoe”. You will feel the most pressure on your middle finger to make the ball spin on a the right path.
3. Upon releasing the ball, it should roll-off and snap with a backspin. Having a better grip over the ball will give you more control and higher velocity which is the whole point of a fast ball pitch.

Be Consistent with Your Grip
Keep in mind that your grip will have a sginifcant impact on other particulars such as ball movement and wrist snap. Likewise, it will affect the feel of the softball in your hand and the basic
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