Examples Of Guidance Discipline Approach Observation

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Guidance Discipline Approach Observation
What is positive teacher relationships?
In early childhood settings, each moment that teachers and children interact with one another is an opportunity to develop positive relationships.

Examples Observed
The educator helps the child in doing a puzzle activity. The educator gives feedback to the children art activity. The educator helped the students in communicate and get along with each other during circle time. The educator also Encourage the children to understand feelings of each other and also have and also respect for each other and adults. The educator also provided appropriate materials when she did circle time and classroom activities. During free play time, some of the children were having difficulty in doing the puzzle the educator helped the child in doing the puzzle. During story time some of the children wear not behaving in a positive way. The educator gives them a timeout and told the children to sit on the corner. I also observed how the educator explained to the children after why she told them to his out. Some of the children will understand the educator and will listen to her and after the educator talking with them, the children will behave well for the rest of the day.the educator also had visual of rules of the classroom.

How do you feel these examples do/ do not demonstrate positive teacher-child relations? I think all of these examples do show a good teacher-child relationship. I think the teacher and

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