Examples Of Heroes In My Life

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A hero can be classified into multiple different categories, but to me a hero is someone who impacts the lives of others for the better. A hero realizes a problem, and tries their hardest to fix that problem. The heroes in my life are everyone currently trying to fight for equal rights and that are trying to fight to just be accepted by their peers. The heroes in my life are the struggling families who are still trying to climb their way to the top so their family could have a better life. The heroes in my life are the people who come to this country and try to provide a better life for their families and are also struggling between financial issues and prejudice. Does a hero necessarily need to impact your life directly?
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These heroes have not impacted my life directly, but they have impacted the lives of their children for the better. The people that have come from countries filled with war and poverty, came to the U.S. and learned a whole new language, just so their children could have a better life, and have more opportunities than they have ever had. Although people do not agree with people coming into the U.S, they still show signs of heroism. They have impacted the lives of their children for the better, even if that means they need to do extra to be accepted. Not only are these groups of people mentioned above heroes to me, but also the armed forces have done so much for our country. They have done so much for us and not a lot of people recognize it on a day to day basis. They have gone, and are still going through, the thick and thin, putting our country and its people before their lives, even if they have families at home. The armed forces have greatly impacted my life, and most likely your life. They are heroes, but they are sometimes overlooked by students, and a lot of the time by
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