Examples Of Hidden Figures In 12 Angry Men

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The societies that Hidden Figures and Twelve Angry Men both face is packed with prejudice and, discrimination that can prevent progression among the underprivileged. Thus, change is important to help decrease these bigotry acts and further progression amongst society. Hidden Figures is set in the 1960’s in Virgina, America. During this time, Virgina was the only segregated state left in America which meant that everything was separated based on race, based on whether you were “colored” or white. This segregation determined where you would drink from, where you sat on the bus, what books you could read, where you would learn, where you would work, where you ate, where you stand in society. It determined your everyday life. This segregated society was separated by race where primarily the “colored” were always given the disadvantages, and that’s how society worked, one that Hidden Figures knows all too well. Mary is an African-American woman with the brain of an engineer but with the position of a computer. Now there is something wrong there. If you have the mind of an engineer why be a computer? Simple. Because African-American women cannot be engineers “Now you want to be an engineer? A female engineer. We’re Negro, baby. Ain’t no such thing. Understand it.” Here we see Levi, her husband, the man who is supposed to be by her side in every decision she makes, someone who should be supporting her every step, bring her down simply because it is unheard of for African-American
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