Examples Of Hofstede's Dimensions Of Culture

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Hofstede’s Dimension of Culture Geert Hofstede is a Dutch social psychologist. When he was an IBM employee between 1967 and1973, he developed a theory that helped form a framework for cross-cultural communication. This theory was known as Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory. It describes the effects of a society’s culture on the values of its members and how these values relate to behavior using a structure derived from factor analysis. He wrote down his findings into different cultural dimensions. Hofstede developed and improved his theory over many years. As a result of that, he was able to find six dimensions of culture. They are as follows: Power Distance Index (PDI) The extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and…show more content…
This index explores the degree to which people in the society are integrated into groups. A culture that gives more importance to the ‘I’ is referred to as an individualistic culture. In this culture, the person comes the first. In this culture, there is a higher degree of self-respect and independence among people. India is a society which is having both individualism and collectivism. The individualist aspect of Indian society is seen as a result of its dominant religion or philosophy – Hinduism. Hindus are believing in a cycle of death and rebirth and each rebirth dependent upon how the individual lived the proceeding life. So people are individually responsible for the way they lead their life. The collectivist side means that there is a high preference for belonging to a larger social framework in which individuals are expected to act in accordance with the greater good of one’s defined in-groups. The employer or employee relationship is one of the expectations based on expectations – Loyalty by the employee and almost familial protection by the Employer. Hiring and promotion decisions are often made based on relationships which are the key to everything in a Collectivist
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