Examples Of Homelessness In Canada

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Homelessness in Canada… I actually didn’t think that it was present in this country, moreover in the City of Toronto. I always thought that most people here are rich enough to do whatever they want and that being homeless is not really a possibility for them. Likewise, I also thought the same for homeless youth because if you look around, most of the kids are privileged and can get whatever they want. Prior to the trip, homelessness did not really occur to me as a “real thing” presently occurring in Canada. Being that I have always considered Canada as a country where we can find better opportunities and the better life we always seek. This was my first trip and so I wasn’t sure of what to expect from it. But, I did presume that by the end …show more content…

During the course of the trip, a lot of facts and important life lessons came to my attention. This includes the most shocking and astonishing things I have ever heard in my entire existence. Most were hard to hear and were definitely hard to say in the part of Patrick Sullivan. With this in mind, here are now the top three things I have learned from Patrick. First, I learned about the shocking number of homeless youth and the much more shocking percentage of which become prostitutes. More than 20,000 are homeless youths and around 90-95% become prostitutes, according to Patrick. This is really surprising as these values are those of which who are present only in the Toronto area. How much more would it increase to if it was the whole Canada, moreover the whole world? Second, homeless people should be treated no differently from how you treat others nor from how you treat yourself. When Patrick asked us to say the stereotypes that come with the words homeless, prostitutes, etc., he said that he was hurt because we said those things to …show more content…

Patrick taught us to not treat homeless people as outcasts because like us, they too were made in the image and likeness of God. They are our brothers and sisters who were uniquely created and have their own capabilities and talents. We should not judge them easily as we don’t know what they have been through or the past they tried to run away from. Instead of trying to avoid homeless people or treating them as nuisances, we should try our best to accept them and love them whole-heartedly for who they

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