Examples Of Homosexuality In Frankenstein

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Through psychoanalysis of the character Victor Frankenstein, it is clear that Victor exhibits latent homosexual tendencies. This is not to say the protagonist engages in the creation of the creature simply as an outlet for his sexual inclinations. Rather, his desire to procreate through means other than common human reproduction suggests his desire for legacy, but his aversion to the opposite sex. Victor’s latent homosexuality explains why he destroys the female creature, delays his marriage with Elizabeth, and spends his honeymoon looking for the creature. Victor chooses to suppress his homosexuality because of strict punishments for this sexual orientation in the Victorian Era. Homosexuality is a topic in heated debate over whether it stems from genes or early childhood. The sexuality of Victor Frankenstein is first explored when Victor’s mother adopts a beautiful little peasant girl from Italy. Victor’s mother expresses a profound desire to have a girl and when she is able only to have boys she decides to adopt one. It is therefore very disturbing to find out that Victor’s mother intends to marry he and this newly adopted girl named Elizabeth. “‘I have a pretty present for my Victor— to- morrow he shall have it.’ And…show more content…
Victor decides, when he is nearly finished building the second creature, that he does not actually want the two creatures to run off and be happy. At least, that was the reason Victor gave, but his ulterior motive for destroying the female creature was actually to keep the original male creature all for himself. Victor understands that if he were to obey the creature and create it a spouse he may never see the creature and live out his sexual fantasies with it. However, Victor’s dream of loving the creature sexually is impractical because the creature is clearly
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