Examples Of Honesty And Dishonesty

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Honesty and loyalty are important parts of friendship and life in general. To take those nouns even further you can use integrity. A very technical definition of integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles or the state of being whole. To me, integrity is being honest and truthful to others and to yourself for a good cause. Integrity is a value that has to come from the heart. You cannot fake or force honesty. School is the main place where your integrity is threatened. Sometimes you just have to look at your friend’s test or use your notebook during a quiz. You can’t help it sometimes if you don’t study. No one can deny that they have cheated at least once during an exam. Cheating once or twice on a test is usually forgivable and can virtually be repealed. Making it a habit can be threatening to your mentality and your actions. If you are caught, you feel so poor about your…show more content…
I can remember times where I just had to look. I am not the type of person who cheats easily, I cannot bring myself to look at my study guide. But there have been times that I just forget one question and I look at the paper in front of me. It never feels good to cheat, there is always guilt that hangs over you and it feels even worse if you get the question wrong. Not all of me is a cheater though, most of me is good. It is good to be honest to yourself. At the start of high school there is a lot of stress and pressure on us. For me, the transition of time has been hardest. I have lost hours of sleep doing homework and studying for tests. I have to wake up earlier too. Times at night when I am finished with my homework, I have to be honest with myself. I know that I am tired but sometimes I want to stay up later and watch TV or go on my phone. I have to be honest with myself and go to sleep. Sleep has a big impact on my life because I do sports, so I need to have integrity and listen to
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