Examples Of Housing Bubble In Australia

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Housing bubble in Australia

With the consistent increase of property prices and more personal debt than ever before, we assume that there’s a housing bubble in Australia. The statistics show that from 2008 till now, property prices have been going up as a result of increased mortgage debt. When it slows down, that could cause a property crash. We are sure that there’s a housing bubble, but we cannot confirm when it will finally burst although a few area in Australia has already met a decrease of house prices. There are 3 indicators of the housing bubble in Australia.

First of all, from 2008 to 2015, property prices of all capital cities in Australia have increased rapidly. People have had obsession with buying houses. At the same time, …show more content…

This is a sign that the housing bubble starts to burst. Secondly, in the past few years, household debt has increased rapidly. On one hand, it has deep influence on each Australian. With one dollar earned, one Australian is now in debt for two dollars. Australia’s debt for property is just lower than Switzerland in the whole world and doubles as much as America. Compared with the increase of house debt, salaries of Australians have remained steady, which means people’s capacity to repay debt hasn’t improved. Australians have been recorded low wage growth. From January to March 2017 wages grew just 0.5 percent. Over the previous year, wages grew a total of 1.9 percent. From 2011-2016 wages grew just 13 percent (Anderson 2017). Considering price to income ration index, housing affordability in Australia has broadly declined in the past few years. Nevertheless, it’s very easy for anyone to get loans from the bank. People don’t need strict assessment of credit to get loans and the government has some policy like first home owners scheme to encourage house loans. As the interest rate is at the lowest point in history, any boost of the interest rate would cause hundreds of thousands of households under mortgage depress. In addition, the ease to get loans make more house demand, which eventually make the price going up. If people can only use their incomes to buy properties, the demand would definitely not as high as nowadays. The American house crash

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