Examples Of Hubris In Frankenstein

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Whenever I have had success, I never learn from it, as it usually breeds a degree of hubris. When one fails, that’s when they tend to learn. Hubris is a great and foolish excessive pride which contributes to an individual’s extreme arrogance. Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein is a well-known novel for portraying this theme of hubris but the question is based on the point of how does the concept of hubris figure into the plot of Frankenstein? Victor Frankenstein of Geneva is a scientist who only aims to justify the truth of elementary principles of nature and he is inspired by multiple desires that lead to the creation of his monster. Victor like most scientists was driven by the obsession of knowledge and explanatory nature hence he wanted to take science beyond the limit which symbolizes hubris. Victor’s act of commitment towards this investigation would be considered blasphemous. Victors determination and passion are the core motives that inspired Victor to create the monster but their also a highlight of hubris because they cause Victor to become a very arrogant person. The biggest highlight of hubris is when Victor was very passionate and willing towards his work that he…show more content…
The monster realizes that people are disgusted by his appeal which leads him to being disgusted as well and he claims that he will have revenge towards Victor, which is very perplex because how can a creation want to destroy the creator (hubris). The monsters search for Victor was not such a mission for him because the monster knew where he lived and when he arrived at Geneva he played his flute in the woods and little William ran off to the woods and saw the monster and the monster killed William and camouflaged the incident towards Justine a young women who worked in the Frankenstein household and these deaths were because of the rage in the monster that lead him to becoming a very arrogant person with no
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