Examples Of Humanization In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Holocaust claimed millions of lives , and the survivors witnessed an event incomprehensible to the remainder of humanity. Elie Wiesel, a burdened survivor of the Genocide, describes his own experiences in his autobiographical memoir Night. Throughout the years in the concentration camps, Wiesel and the other Jews witness countless events of Nazis intentionally dehumanizing the Jews. After hearing these brutal remarks for years, Wiesel begins to internalize these thoughts. His internalization is reflected in his writing as he often compares himself and the others to animals. He compares the Jew’s physical traits, but also the way in which they act. Elie Wiesel animalizes the Jews while personifying darkness to further dehumanize the Jews and show how the Nazi’s mental warfare continues to affect him. For years Wiesel witnesses dehumanizing acts brought against him, and when he writes he furthers the dehumanization by describing the actions of the Jews with animalistic metaphors. One examples is when Wiesel compares Jews fighting for a piece of bread on the convoy to Buchenwald to animals attacking prey: “Beasts of prey unleashed, animal hate in their eyes.” (101). In his writing, the metaphor helps convince the reader that the Jews were acting like animals. Wiesel uses the words “beast” to describe those like him. He is writing as if the Jews became so savage and gruesome. Yet, the idea of the Jews acting like animals was a Nazi one, and this metaphor came from a Jew. The choice for animals to be Wiesel's vehicle, is exactly what the Nazis do to dehumanize the Jews. So, this shows how Wiesel internalizes the dehumanizing acts from the Nazis, and how he now sees the Jews as animals as well. The Nazi’s almost brainwash Wiesel, so that he know now believes that the Nazi’s comparing the Jews to animals is accurate. Even years after experiencing the cruel acts, the Nazi’s mental warfare affects Wiesel and convinces him that the Jews truly were animals and not human. Wiesel continues to dehumanize the Jews as he decides to give inhuman things human characteristics with his personification. Wiesel constantly writes about the night as a symbol for approaching evil, and Wiesel personifies it, giving the night

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