Examples Of Ice Storm Aftermath

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Ice Storm Aftermath February of 2015 gave the upstate of South Carolina sled rides, ice snowmen, and icicles. It gave the school district of Pickens county over a week in total, of no school and delays. Nevertheless, there were still tragedies such as power outages, car wrecks, and furthering catastrophes as a result of the brutal weather. Ultimately, the chance of having a car wreck everywhere doubles at risk and danger when there happens to be poor weather. Safety abides as a precaution the driving public takes in icy weather, however accidents still may happen. Ironically enough, the day the school district of Pickens county finally let the school day occur, an accident suddenly happens to me. I was riding in the passenger seat of my current boyfriend’s car, with him and…show more content…
And at the same time as he was turning onto the bridged road, a teacher drove and unlawfully passed a stop sign. It seemed as if she was running late to her job. Along with the teacher coming towards the car and the ice making the car slide profusely, George tried his best to swerve where injuries would not happen to any of the parties involved in the incident. Barely hitting the teacher’s car, George and the rest of us in the vehicle went spiraling toward the concrete barricades of the bridge. I was in the front passenger side of the car, and that was where the majority of the damage the collision brought happened to be. The lovely teacher stopped, stepped out of her sedan, and made sure us adolescents were all alright. She continued to apologize over and over again until we parted ways. George and the educator exchanged insurance information and she left. George studied the damage, the car was drivable, though not the prettiest sight to witness anymore. He called his parents, telling them what had happened, and next he made sure I was alright. Remarkably, I was
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