Examples Of Idealism In All My Sons

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Thus, Joe says to Chris that it is impossible to drive out from Kate's mind the notion that Larry is still alive.

In the play, we find only one son Chris appearing physically, whereas Larry is merely referred to because he is already dead by the time the play opens.

He says to Chris that he has done everything for Chris.

In fact, Joe Keller is mistakenly over concerned with his personal responsibility or his responsibility towards his society or country as whole.

In All My Sons the character of Joe Keller has been presented by Miller with social and psychological concerns.

Joe Keller's thinking was the outcome of social mischief.

He says to his son Chris, that he is sixty one years old and it is not sure when would he get another chance
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Joe insists that Chris should stay on under the parental roof; and Chris then says that he can stay on here only if he is allowed to marry Annie.

Thus, Chris does not care much for the family business to which Joe attaches the great importance.

The two men, Chris and Joe differ from each other fundamentally in their views about life in general.

Chris is a combination of idealism and practicality, while Joe is wholly practical in his outlook upon life.

The contrast between Chris's idealism and Joe's practicality becomes even more striking when Joe says that whatever he had done in the matter of the supply of defective equipment to the Air Force during the war had been done in the interest of his family.

But Chris reacts with anger and dismay to Joe's defence of himself.

Chris goes on to say that he feels like tearing the tongue out of Joe's mouth.

Chris regards social responsibility to be something higher than self interest and family interest.

Chris feels so disturbed by his father's shady business and the motives behind Joe's fraud that he rushes out of the house to meditate upon the crisis with which he is
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Joe is the head of the Keller family, and the welfare of his family is his sole concern.

Another larger issue treated in All My Sons is related to the consideration of the relative importance of personal responsibility and social responsibility.

An individual may be responsible to himself and his family; but he should also feel responsible towards the society.

In owning the responsibility towards his family or his sons, which impels him to earn money by dishonest means, Joe Keller seems to disown his social responsibility.

When Joe talks about his business and tells Chris that he committed the dishonest deed for him, Chris retorts to him : The protagonist in this play is a manufacture or industrialist by the name of Joe Keller.

Joe Keller belongs to the affluent class of society; and therefore he differs from the ordinary kind of human beings who constitute the majority in every country.

As for outer conflict, we have a confrontation between Chris and his father over Chris's desire to marry Annie who was engaged to marry Chris's brother,
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