Examples Of Ideologies In Animal Farm

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Table of Contents
A. Introduction
1. Information on the Author
2. Plot
B. Historical Context
C. Different Ideologies Embedded in Animal Farm
1. What is Ideology
2. Fascism
3. Socialism
D. Conclusion

“Animal Farm” is a dystopian allegory novel written by George Orwell and first published in England on 17 August 1945. The book has many layers and under the fable which takes place in a farm, there is a hidden story illustrating more complex concepts. Although it may be seen as a simple fable at first glance, it is a book composed of complex ideas.
Before going into depth on the ideologies and concepts in the book, it is really important to have some basic information on the author. George Orwell, whose real name is Eric Blair, was
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After his death, 3 pigs named Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer form a philosophy called Animalism using Old Major’s principles. The animals defeat Mr. Jones, the farmer, and throw him out of the farm. The name of the form is now Animal Farm and two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon start educating the animals. They defeat Mr. Jones once again when he comes back to reclaim his farm. However, Snowball and Napoleon start to have conflicts for power. Snowball plans to build a windmill for electricity, while Napoleon opposes to this plan. At the meeting to vote this project, after Snowball’s passionate speech, Napoleon chases him out of the farm with the aid of attack dogs he “educated”. Napoleon later changes his mind about the windmill so the project starts and animals give so much effort to finish it. But after a storm the windmill is found toppled and Napoleon claims Snowball is back to sabotage the windmill which leads to a purge causing the death of those who are opposed to his leadership. With each passing day, he acts more like a human. He starts to trade with other farmers, drinks whiskey, sleeps in a bed. Although these are definitely banned with the Seven Commandments of Animalism, Squealer convinces the animals otherwise. Meanwhile, animals are overworked and starving. Napoleon is cheated by…show more content…
The rebellion of impoverished peasants with the help of a group of intellectuals changed the dynamics in the country. In 1917, the monarch of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the throne with a civil war. Lenin and Bolshevik Party took over the government and founded Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. Now the private industry and land was under the control of the government and economic system was centralised. Bolshevik Party was following Karl Marx’s principles trying to make a socialist utopia come to life. After Lenin’s death Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky started to struggle for power over the country. Being a manipulative leader, Stalin won over and started to exploit his power. He purged or imprisoned many citizens who did not share the same political
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