Examples Of Imagery In The Bell Jar

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Imagery plays a role when it comes to writing any literary piece as it helps to create a either positive or negative image in the reader's mind on what the author is descripting. In this novel, the type of imagery is being used is negative as the book is a journey of Esther inner conflict with being pure and maintaining the perfect image. However, the main image in this book is being anxious about death. This first appears when Buddy gives Esther a glimpse of the hospital life, which includes a look of a glass tube filled of dead babies. What is shocking is how calm she is when she saw the babies. Nevertheless, when saw the birth of a baby she was grossed out on how they looked and how the mother had to be drugged in order for the birth to be painless. The book then centers it’s imagery about…show more content…
As we see in the rig tree passage above, Esther is unsure of her "proper" place in society, and she imagines the choices before her as truit which she must pick before it shrivels and goes bad. consistently, in The Bell Jar, Plath expresses Esther's anxiety through food moments. Throughout the novel, Plath surrounds Esther with behavioral models, from her mother to her peers to the conflicting domestic ideologies purported by women's magazines such as the fictional Ladies' Day magazine for which Esther interns in the summer of 1953. Each model Esther encounters relays the proper way to prepare and consume food, yet Esther continually finds herself unsure of the best way to nourish herself (Smith, Caroline J.). Smith says this since the social pressure of maintaining a perfect image got to Esther. We know that when Esther is on the continuous hunt of finding her place within the
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