Examples Of Imperialism In Things Fall Apart

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Imperialism and TFA The right to progress other people is a daunting task, but it is not one that can not be achieved. The issue with progression is how it is executed. The most important rights are human rights, so the right to progress others must first preserve the people. Destroying cultures by using force is not acceptable. Bringing peace and freedom to make a choice is an alternative; one that could even be more beneficial than using violence.
When investigating the details of a people who seek to progress others, one of the most important elements is how they present their ideas for change. Specifically in Things Fall Apart, the group of people who push progress are christians. The people of the tribe are conflicted and unsure how to
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The missionaries did not take land from the people; instead they asked for a plot of land. The villagers tried to upset them with land from the Evil Forest, yet they were not dismayed. Instead, “the missionaries thanked them and burst into song”(Achebe 149). This marked the beginning of the journey towards progression. While the milestones along the way are important, it is the beginning that sets the tone. Being grateful for the land showed who the people of the church were, and it was this moment that told the most about their character. The method these people used to grow the African society was just, fair, and therefore and acceptable behavior on the road to progression. While this is a fictional story, it can be easily compared to the imperialism that occurred in Africa. European nations sought out land for resources to grow their industries and trade, but they did…show more content…
Even in reading “Body Ritual of the Nacirema”, an article about how people in the United States live, the reader commonly wants to make a change in the tribe they read about. Readers don’t realize that they are trying to progress their own people, but the fact that they do almost seems fitting. In the age of technology that currently motivates people in the United States, we are constantly seeking progression for ourselves. The groups of people who bring change must be careful in how they do it, but persuasion is not necessary in many cases. People truly want to progress. The right to progress the society of others is not wrong, but it must be done carefully and without harm of the people it
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