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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl The book, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, is comparatively an autobiography of Harriet Jacobs’s alias Linda. Her early life is characterized by happiness, love and a promising future. She only discovers that she was born into slavery after her mother dies when she is six. Her mistress takes her and extends the love and freedom she had. She learns how to read, write, and sew from her. Unfortunately, at twelve years of age, her mistress dies and Jacobs' life takes a twist when she is bequeathed to the daughter of her mistress sister. Her "real" slavery begins in the house of a wealthy couple, Dr. Flint and Mrs. Flint. As a teenager, Jacobs is subjected to Dr. Flint's sexual harassment. To avert Dr. Flint’s advances, Young Jacobs engages in an affair with Mr. Sands, a white neighbor. This sexcapade results in two children with Mr. Sands, and instead of discouraging Flint’s affair, it enrages him and to punish her, he sends her to labor in his son's plantation. Jacobs escapes the hard work at the plantation through the help of friends. She later returns to her grandmother's house where she spends close to seven years hiding in a crowded store…show more content…
It usually seemed as though women had an easy life in their master's houses compared to men’s life in the fields. Yet, Jacobs explains that women were seen as sexual objects. Apart from the occasional physical beating they endured, women had to endure the psychological torture of being separated from their children. Their masters never cherished their children and sold them with no regards to the mothers’ feelings. Slaves were made to bear their masters children. Jacobs' mother was her mistresses' foster sister. They were nourished by the same breast- her grandmother's (Jacobs 5). Women slaves were not regarded as humans. They were seen as equals to animals (Jacobs
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