Examples Of Individualism In The Renaissance

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renaissance individuals chose that the individual was more imperative than the congregation. As more individuals were mindful of this they began to take after their strides and turned out to be more mindful as themselves as people.
The popular belief that people were unrighteous because of sin was washed away by the new idea of humanism as interest in the individual had grown. It was seen through mediums of both art and humanities with literature. The value of religion went down are the interest in the power of men strengthened. The Mona Lisa painting done by Leonardo Da Vinci during the renaissance is an excellent example of how individualism became a major focus during this time. As it portrays one human woman, and is not necessarily associated with the image of any religious figure which was popular in art from the Middle Ages (a time period before the Renaissance). More people began to create philosophies elevating the possibilities of men and developed principles on what the ideal man should be.
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People belonging to this grouping thought that the church had accepted Aristotle’s philosophies too much so that it was valued to the same degree as the Biblical scriptures. An example of this them can be when it quickly became a norm for members of the church to support religious arguments using the Aristotle’s teachings. This was unacceptable by humanists, as he was only a human who could be wrong. Aristotle’s perceptions were then merged with Christian theology to form a new set of guidelines to follow in order to be accepted as a Christian. The views of the church became more important than personal Christian spirituality, causing humanists to strongly condemn the church’s
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