Examples Of Individualistic Love In The Bear Came Over The Mountain

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Romantic love is often in conflict with collective values, social or family responsibilities, and ethics. When they are in conflict, individualistic love may give way to ethical concerns and morality. Argue for or against this statement, using what you have learned from the course to support your point of view. Either Wong Kar-wai’s film In the Mood for Love or Alice Munro’s “The Bear Came over the Mountain” must be included in your discussions. Nowadays, people tend to care less about morality when they are involved in romantic love. Ethics values and moral standard changes over time, it may not be necessary for people to blindly follow to existing moral standard of the society. Instead, people should follow their heart that is what they want indeed. More importantly, Although Individualism is defined by Hui and Triandis in 1986 as ‘a sense of independence and lack of concern for others’, according to an article ‘Cultural perspectives on romantic love’. However, individualistic love is not necessarily leads to selfish behaviors. Besides, people may be altruistic and make…show more content…
However, love may lead ones to make self-scarification and give the society a better value than moral standard such as self-sanctification. In the short story, ‘The bear came over the mountain’ wrote by Alice Munro, Fiona suffers from Alzheimer disease. After moved to the nursing house for 30 days, she forget her husband, Grant. After that, Aubrey’s wife bring Aubrey home from the nursing house and leads Fiona to depression. Although Fiona forget Grant and betray him to develop a new bonding with Aubrey, Grant is still willing to sacrifice their marriage and convince Aubrey’s wife to move Aubrey to the nursing home permanently. Even it may be immoral, Grant still make his scarification for Fiona’s happiness because of his love to Fiona. Individualistic love may influence one to act selflessly and provide a harmonic

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