Examples Of Inequality In Education

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Inequality In Education

Education for all is such an important statement, but in many countries it goes without value to one specific gender because they have a specific stereotype which they have to follow, and that shouldn’t stand. Everyone has the rights to learn and receive an education, and by receiving a better education it can also help our beautiful earth in many ways.

Our world has mostly learn to accept equality in education, but in some places they still haven’t got the memo! A long time ago, there was a huge discrimination in religion (Muslim) between the gender cause it was thought that the girls job was to stay at home and take care of the kids and the home. So the men could go out and work so they could provide for
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For example every single child should be enrolled in school for at least 16 years of their life cause for those 16 years ,they will have the basic knowledge’s on how to survive life and to not be forced into anything without them knowing they can actually fight for their own opinion and rights and this should be a universal law. Another solution is that organizations could volunteer qualified individuals to teach girls around the world and they could alternate so the volunteer wouldn’t be only helping one specific place they would be helping the world. Donation by money is also very important because by that way the money that was received could be used to build schools and give a better life for these kids.

Inequality in education is a very big problem because if you had to put yourself in that little girl’s shoe whose being forced into an arranged marriage and having babies at the age of 10 and being forced to be at home all the time without the slightest knowledge that you could fight for yourself . Education plays a very big role in everyone’s life and everyone should be given this opportunity and possible make a difference in this world because the smallest change could make a huge difference and that’s what our world needs right now,
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