Examples Of Infant Observation

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Infant Observation Findings: Obiel Macedo, a one year and seven month old infant accomplished many tasks on the developmental checklist. I went to his house, his mother and baby sister were present while I was with him. We sat down and I handed the infant a small container filled with different size blocks. Immediately he grabbed the container, poured out the blocks and began to build a tower quickly. Once he was done creating the tower of blocks, a few seconds later he knocked it down vigorously and started all over again. Then, I handed him a red crayon and a blank sheet of paper, but instead of writing on the paper he went up to the wall and scribbles spontaneously. Next, his language is still developing at this point. I showed him a stuffed animal dog and asked him if he could identify it and tell me what it is. The infant gazed at it and responded “woof,woof,woof!” He responded by what the dog sounds like. Secondly, I asked him to point out his body parts. For example, his ears, eyes and belly button. That moment I said belly button he pointed at it. He was able to repeat names and his toys that he owned. As I began to speak in long-complex sentences he stared at me for a second and then looked away and started doing something else.…show more content…
Jean Piaget’s stages of cognitive development state that ‘thinking occurred as a result of exploration or constructing your own knowledge(Page #7 Book). As the infant finished building the tower, he thought about the action he needed to do in order to start building another tower, one task needed to be accomplished in order to move on. When I handed him the crayon he scribbled the wall instead of the paper, because of the personality he has. He is an infant who likes coming across new ideas and situations. Doing this is a way an infant begins to discover new things on their
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