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In my informative briefing presentation, I explained what big game guiding in Alaska is. My presentation included three main points which included me talking about and defining big game guiding, then I shared my experience of watching my dad run his business of big game guiding, and I concluded with talking about fish and game guiding in 2016. Immediately after my concluding statements of my presentation, I knew that my outline and presentation needed some big changes. For example, in my presentation, I used too much of my time on the introduction and first main point which forced me to rush through my next two main points and conclusion. To solve this issue, I feel like rewriting my outline with shorter sentences and less sub-points while…show more content…
My weaknesses in my speech included my body language, eye contact, and oral footnotes. In the first few moments of my introduction, I quickly walked out in front of the middle of the audience while using a few hand gestures but once I finished my attention getter and the rest of my introduction I resided back to behind the computer where I went into full manuscript mode. Throughout my three main points and conclusion, I stood behind the computer and read my outline word for word with little no hand gestures. For example, Through my whole second point of “The Internet and Big Game Guiding” I did look up once and I kept my feet planted. Another area I would like to improve on is to properly address my sources of information in oral footnotes. I did have one oral footnote throughout the whole presentation and it was very generic. The oral footnote is in my first main point of my speech “I got all of information from personal interviews and I fact checked them with websites like…” Not only did I nearly completely neglect oral footnotes, but the one I did have was very generic and appeared vague to the audience. In my next presentation, my goal is to use more of a variety of non-distracting hand gestures that add to my speech. My next goal is to maintain eye contact with the audience in a natural, flowing way. Finally, my last goal is to properly address each and…show more content…
For example, I believe that my power point had relevant pictures that added to my speech’s visuals. Another area of my speech I believe that I did good was my voice. In the panopto recording I noticed I spoke very clearly, loudly, and in an easily understandable manner. This may be because I was in full manuscript mode and did not need to think about what I needed to say, regardless I spoke loud and clear for the audience. For example, when reading my main points, “What is Big Game Guiding”, “The Internet and Big Game Guiding”, and “Big Game Guiding today”, I spoke loud and
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