Examples Of Informative Speech

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Preparation Outline for Commemorative/Informative/Persuasive Speech Name: Shi Yanjie Tutorial Grp W10 Date: 01 April 2016 Title: Let’s burn some calories…without exercising! Topic chosen: Promote a standing-up culture for work. Specific purpose: I want to persuade my audience to utilize stand-up workstations. Central Idea: The fast pace and stressfulness of life in Singapore often results in a sedentary lifestyle despite us knowing the negative effects, instead of forcing ourselves to adopt an exercise routine, we can utilize a simple lifestyle hack of a standing workstation to drastically improve our physical health. ___________________________________________________________________…show more content…
Standing, on the other hand, allows for optimal blood flow to all systems of the body, this means there will be increased oxygen and nutrient uptake to all areas of the body, including the brain, which reduces the feeling of lethargy. Connective: Transition Standing while working also benefits in terms of health and longevity. IV. Standing while working is an effective way to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, both commonly caused by prolonged sitting. i. According to James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic, standing while working will maintain the body’s effectiveness in regulating levels of glucose in the bloodstream, which may often be compromised by prolonged sitting as part of a medical condition known as metabolic syndrome which dramatically increases the chance of type 2 diabetes. ii. In the case of cardiovascular diseases, according to the same research, adults who spend 4 or more hours per day sitting is 34% more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases such as chest pains and heart failures than those who stand for at least 2 hours. Connective: Signpost To enjoy all these benefits all you have to do is start standing up to work. V. To reap the above benefits, you do not need to stand
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