Examples Of Injustice

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In Harper Lee’s legendary book, To Kill a Mockingbird, there is an immense theme of injustice shown. Three major examples of injustice are ones preformed against Boo Radley, Atticus Finch, and Tom Robinson. For example, Boo Radley was mistreated because he was not as social as others, so he didn’t talk as much. Other prejudice acts were demonstrated upon Atticus because of his decisions contradicting to what others would have chosen. In addition, intense acts of racism against blacks were performed against Tom Robinson during his case. Some citizens just didn’t know how to treat people fairly and as though they all belonged.

In the small town of Maycomb, innocent people can get discriminated against for simply being different. An utterly introverted figure was represented through Boo Radley, who would rather keep to himself than be too overly social. Boo was a part of several childhood mishaps that caused him to stay locked in and away from the outside world. As a result of this, he was continually accused as a suspect in crimes that he did not commit. For example, he was blamed for the harassment and rape of Mayella Ewell, when he was not involved with them at all. So even though he did not do any harm to Mayella, he was still accused of a crime because no one knew him and he seemed suspicious.

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Maycomb citizens were extremely racist and indecisive of their own opinions, so they followed and repeated after one another. Consequently, they were all content with their racist judgments against Tom, and allowed him to be convicted of crimes he did not commit. Robinson knew this was unfair and wanted his freedom back, so he attempted to escape from prison. Despite Robinson’s last endeavor for freedom, he was unfortunately shot seventeen times, and killed. Although he was just attempting to do what was fair, the act of injustice overruled the truth and caused an innocent man to become
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