Examples Of Injustice In So Far From God

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Injustice in Patriarchy in Ana Castillo’s So Far From God So Far From God is a Chicana feminist novel written by Ana Castillo. Castillo’s novel consists of four main characters: La Loca (The crazy one), Fe (Faith), Caridad (Charity), and Esperanza (Hope). La Loca is given her nickname after being resurrected from the dead. In reality, she had a seizure and did not die. The town and family consider her to be crazy because of her aversion to human contact. Fe too is considered insane. She spends a year screaming after her fiance calls of their wedding. Fe eventually marries her cousin because it is the only way she will have the house and dishwasher she’s always dreamed of. Caridad is attacked because of her sexual liberation. Esperanza decides to take her destiny into her own hands and becomes a journalist, but is sent to the middle east where she is killed. After all of the daughters are dead the mother founds the Group M.O.M.As (Mothers of Martyrs and Saints) and becomes empowered through her involvement in the organization. Castillo demonstrates injustice in patriarchy in symbolism and magical realism. Castillo demonstrates injustice in patriarchy by using symbolism. In the novel, Caridad is cheated on by her boyfriend Memo. Caridad starts to heavily drink after work, and while doing so she decides that Memo isn’t the only man she wants to give her love to. Following the drinking, Caridad begins to have meaningless sex with the random men she meets at bars. One
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