Is The Fairy Tale Tell Heart Mentally Insane

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Exist many crimes that had a high relevance because in that cases the accused is declared mentally insane. Many of these criminals try to get protected by the Mental health law. This one has one that clause that protects offenders from the lethal injection if the offender is declared mentally insane. For example, this infamous case of John Wayne Gacy. This individual that worked as a party clown, under the alias of Pogo the Clown. Wayne raped and killed 33 boys and men, and buried in a crawl most of the bodies. He and his defense team tried to get Wayne protected by this clause and avoid the lethal injection. Finally, Wayne was found guilty of each murder and sentenced to death penalty. This case was only an attempting to prevent the law, but exist many criminals that suffer from insanity, and they do not know what are they doing. In Tale Tell Heart, our narrator is apparently insane and doesn’t know what is he doing. Trough imagery, plot, and characters, Edgar Allan Poe, shows the insanity of this personage. …show more content…

At the start of this story, the narrator recognizes that he has been ill but don’t have lost control of his mind, and instead the illness have increased his feelings, “True!—I am nervous—very nervous! But don't say I am mad. The disease had sharpened my senses—not dulled them—especially my hearing. I could hear everything in heaven and in hell” (Poe). The narrator states that he can hear everything from heaven and in hell. These signs are a clear sign of insanity, to be specific, this happens to people with schizophrenia. Exist cases where persons are completely sure that hear voices, and tell them to do certain things. For example, how the Schizophrenia and violent behavior study

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