Examples Of Insecurity In Billy Budd

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Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, a sign of weakness, a sign of obsession. In the book Billy Budd, the main character Billy Budd was an extraordinary young handsome man who became hated because of ruinous envy. Gladly, Billy Budd worked as a sailor then was transferred over to a ship called the Bellipotent where he met his unknown enemy John Claggart. John immediately realized that there was something special about Billy Budd, and he didn’t know what is was. Naturally, Billy was kind, charming, and moral, and everybody took notice of that. So everybody loved and respected him, all except for John. John’s jealousy grew and grew which turned into hatred. John went through different stages of about how he felt towards Billy, insecurity, jealousy, and the most inimical hatred. Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurity and John did just that. Unknowingly, John was insecure about himself and he continually took it out on Billy. When Billy went to have lunch and accidentally spilled his soup in front of John which in this case John laughed it off but…show more content…
John Claggart was filled with anger because of the obsession of desires. Hatred was constantly being poured into John’s heart just like a waterfall pouring into a lake. All of John’s sense was lost in his ocean of hate, which caused him to talk poorly of Billy and make assumptions and stories about Billy that were totally false. Even a workmate warned Billy of John Claggart’s doings, but Billy always thought the best of him and denied it. Discreetly, John Claggart confronted Billy of false stories that John made up in his mind, and Billy was so deeply shocked that he was silent. But silence is the best reply to a fool. Ultimately, Billy crossly punched John resulting in death. What John desired the most was what Billy had, and that turned into hatred for Billy. Hatred is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die, life doesn’t work that
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