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Looking into the old governmental policies that helped shape our amazing Constitutional Republic today, I've noticed quite a few policies that are still in use today, and for the most part, remain unchanged. Inside The Federalist Papers, by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, are a great way to locate the old governmental policies that are still the same today in America. In Federalist No. 1, Alexander Hamilton writes of the importance and success of the Constitution as the government. He is very biased throughout the entire essay, but is at least aware of his bias. He talks about his bias and he forces his opinions on the readers throughout the entire speech. This discussion of bias actually opened withing and because of this essay and leads the entire Federalist Papers to be quite biased. However, this bias is not bad and turned out to be very persuasive to the anti-federalists. In Federalist No. 2, written by John Jay, includes much important information about how the nation needs to be united. He also lets the people supporting the division of the United States know that their way is not the right way for the country. It would completely weaken and disarm the country. Jay's message in all of this essay is about the importance of the nation's unity. This is still very important today and is why the United States of…show more content…
30, Alexander Hamilton writes all about taxes and taxation in this essay. He has much to say about taxes and the good that they are doing in shaping the nation. He believes that the power to collect taxes when necessary is extremely important for the governmental success. Recently, someone tried to pick apart this essay and state that some senators had the power to limit that excessive amount of spending that the goverment has been up to lately. However, this essay came back into play and proved that idea wrong. Everything was set back into place because of Hamilton's brilliant
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