Examples Of Irony In A Story Essay

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Stories we read must be interesting. If they are not, they will not succeed. Every author strives to add elements to their stories that will create nothing less than a masterpiece. The best stories ever written contain heartbreaking emotion, unpredictable plots twists, and unsettling suspense. The literary device often used by writers that can really shock the reader and leave them of the edge of their seat is irony. Irony takes place when there is an identifiable difference between the way things appear and the actual reality of the situation. For example, a particular character could possibly have his or her own perspective or way of interpreting a certain incident but the reader might be quick to discharge it as completely unsuitable. The most interesting stories I have read all have strong plots that rely on irony to carry the story. Without the irony, they would be mundane and predictable. The author must use a tool, such…show more content…
It is when the author’s meaning behind a part of the story is actually the opposite of what is actually said. Irony can cause the reader to think harder and with more detail about a situation in a story. “A method for evoking humor, irony in literature is often like a private joke that creates a sense of complicity between author and reader. In effect, the author is saying to the reader, ‘I know you are smart enough to understand what is really going on here’” (Barnhart 1). Irony is an extremely common literary device but is also used in everyday speech. It’s very closely related to sarcasm. It is almost like the author is being sarcastic when they present irony within the writing. It can give the reader a sense of comfort towards the author. Irony is better understood when there is a certain sense of understanding and agreement between the author and the reader. The reader must be able to comprehend the fact that the author may be suggesting a much deeper and complex meaning than what is just there on the
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