Examples Of Irony In Lamb To The Slaughter

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In “Lamb to the Slaughter” the author, Roald Dahl writes about a young, pregnant woman named Mary Maloney waiting for the return of her husband. When Mr. Maloney arrives, he disrupts the usual domestic routine the couple had put in place by claiming he wants a divorce. Overcome with emotions Mary takes the audience by surprise. She kills her husband. While this may seem like a horror or tragic story. However, the irony of it all causes the audience to view it instead, as a dark humored comedy. The title itself is ironic thought the reader doesn’t realize it until the end if the story. Lambs are often seen as a symbol for purity or innocence. The title “Lamb to the Slaughter would be the same as saying killing innocence or the death of purity. The irony of the title itself is that a symbol of innocence is used as a murder weapon.
The irony in the story doesn’t really start until the end of the second page when Mary kills her husband and then in the most calm manner says, “All right… so I’ve killed him”(Dahl 3). Everything the reader has seen up to this point about Mary’s character is that she is docile, little housewife that will do anything to make her husband happy. She eagerly awaits her husband's return from work and does everything she can to make him comfortable rushing to pour him a drink or offering to get his slippers. Taking a piece of meat and using it to crush one’s husband's skull is the exact opposite of these traits that have been seen previously in Mary. Add
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