Examples Of Jazz Age In The Great Gatsby

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The Jazz Age
Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most important author in United States history.Scott wrote many novels but the most iconic is The Great gatsby. The Great Gatsby is a fun, and famous novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book is a book that will make one feel excited, and feel sad for Jay Gatsby. This book also talks about life, and that just because someone hase money, it does not mean you will find love. Fitzgerald inspiration to write this iconic book was the culture that he was living during the roaring twenties.(Legacy on Scott) Also, Fitzgerald inspiration was his wife Zelda Fitzgerald and alcohol. (F.Scott Fitzgerald)He was such an important person during the roaring twenties, and with all that controversy of this
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Also, that money can’t buy you happiness. The Great Gatsby also talks about love, and if you don’ t go for what you want, by the time you come back it will too late.this book is basically about life, and the seven deadly sins. Many people say that this are one of the best and iconic books in history.
Scott Fitzgerald had some reasons to be controversial,because the time he was living was during the Jazz age. The society of that time wasn’t as open minded as it is today. He wanted people around the United States to have breck from the ordinary and open there mind for something prohibited. Also, The Great Gatsby talked, about alcohol that was prohibited during the time Fitzgerald wrote the book. His book was also, about him. Jay Gatsby was an ivy league school, just like Scott was in real life, and also that he did a lot to be with the women that he loved.This gave the reader the sense of doing stuff that they were not supposed to.Scott Fitzgerald did have another controversial book named This Side of Paradise. This book was challenged because of the sexual, and language references. Just like his other famous book The Great Gatsby.

In conclusion, The Great Gatsby is on or the best book in United States history. The book should have not of been banned, because this book talks about life, and the faster you learn it the more mature you will be, and mostly have a better life. This book also talks about the 7 deadly sins that are the
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