Examples Of John Proctor In The Crucible

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John Proctor; Tragic Hero or Ordinary Joe Plays have been used as a method of storytelling and form of entertainment for hundreds of years. A tragedy is one type of play where the audience pities the characters and fear the same consequences that the characters face. In addition, tragedies often include a tragic hero who has a tragic flaw causing his or her downfall. One example of a play that is a tragedy and includes a tragic hero is the The Crucible. John Proctor in The Crucible is a true tragic hero because he possess the four characteristics of goodness, superiority, tragic flaw, and realization of his downfall. In order to be a true tragic hero, the protagonist must be a moral and ethical person. Proctor proves with his actions…show more content…
Together with having extensive land, Proctor´s crops were doing considerably well compared to other farmers (Act 2). Not all farmers in the region are lucky and suffer from crop failures. Because of his successful harvest and land, Proctor is considered superior and privileged in the Salem community. Therefore, Proctor is a tragic hero because he holds the characteristics of superiority. One cannot be a tragic hero with a tragic flaw. This flaw will lead to the downfall of the protagonist. Proctor’s tragic flaw is his inability to avoid temptation. Specifically, Proctor gave into temptation of Abigail. In Act 1, Abigail confronts Proctor about his nightly visits to Abigail’s window. Proctor agrees that he has been visiting Abigail, owing to that he can not avoid the temptation of Abigail. Although Abigail and him are no longer seeing each other, Proctor cannot stay away from Abigail and gives into temptation to visit Abigail. Another example that demonstrates Proctor’s inability to avoid temptation is when Proctor confesses to the court about his relationship with Abigail (Act 2). In court, Proctor could have kept the court oblivious to the fact that he and Abigail had a relationship, instead as a last resort, Proctor gave into the temptation and informed the court. In the process Proctor also ruined his name in the community. By giving into temptation, Proctor caused his own demise. Tragic heroes eventually
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