Examples Of Justice And Injustice In The Republic Of Plato

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In the book, “The Republic of Plato”, there is a lot of perceptions on what justice and injustice truly is. Justice is defined as just behavior or treatment. Socrates and his colleagues discussed the idea of justice. Each of them added their own definition for what justice was. A country, having separate classes, and calling out other classes of injustice is wrong. The problem with that idea is that each class would have their own ruler, laws and citizens. The rulers would rule and create laws for the citizens to follow. With that being said, each citizen would have to follow the laws made and if they do not, they would face consequences created by the ruler. Justice would not be achieved because the citizens would not have enough knowledge…show more content…
Now Polemarchus says, “That the men one believes to be good, one loves, while those he considers bad one hates” (Bloom 11). Socrates’s rebuttal was “Human being make mistakes about this” (Bloom 11). Someone who seems to be a friend can be an enemy in hiding and someone who seems to be an enemy can be a friend. So who is to say, that apparent friend is good and not bad, vice versa. Therefore that cannot be justice because harming an enemy, can be harming a friend. Blind Loyalty can lead to many mistakes. One mistake is that blind loyalty can lead to the spread of false news. For example, in North Korea, many of the citizens are unaware of information outside of that country because the news is monitored and censored to the discretion of Kim Jong Un. The citizens of North Korea are loyal because they are forced to believe what they are given. BBC news made a statement, regarding the secrecy of North Korea. “In a country where citizens are intentionally starved of any information other than government propaganda” (Lee). Blind loyalty can lead people to false truths. Another mistake blind loyalty can lead to is, self-destruction of one’s government. Most countries have a leader. For example, the United States has, President Donald Trump in the position of
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