Examples Of Language And Five Senses

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Language and five senses Language does interfere with the way we see knowledge. For example, we use metaphors to talk about the world in both familiar and innovative ways, and in contexts ranging from everyday conversation to literature and scientific theorizing. One example of a metaphor that interferes with the way we think is "she is fishing in troubled waters" this metaphor doesn't mean that the person is actually fishing, this is an expression which we use used to show that the person is looking for something that is difficult to obtain. Metaphors can interfere with the way we think and it affects on how we see knowledge. Another example of language interference with language is language called Guugu Yimithirr. This language is spoken in North Queensland, Australia. Guugu Yimithirr does not have the words left, right and front and back. The people that speak this language describe directions and locations as north, south, east and west. One example of Guugu Yimithirr the boy is standing at the east of the house in the U.S. would say the boy is
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Every person born in this world is born with at least some senses, and if one person isn't born with every sense they make up for it by having a sense that is stronger than a person born with all their senses. For example, blind people can't rely on their sense of sight to obtain knowledge but their other senses are enhanced to help with the lack of not having a sense. Most blind people have an incredible sense of hearing (Blind Hearing). Now there is technology to improve our senses that aren't very good,for example there's glasses for sight, hearing aids for hearing, or even surgery fixing nerve endings to help people sense of touch. Even though having no senses is impossible some are born with weak senses or a lack of sense and there are things to help improve their
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