Examples Of Letters In A Renaissance Society

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These letters give clear examples of what Renaissance society consist for the ordinary citizen. The lives of these men and woman were highlighted and their names were one thing that stood out to me when reading the letters. Long and elegant full names were given to identify each person. The family name is built on all those who came before and after rolling into a current and living representation that must be upheld. The last name holds to a higher meaning that is a marker for a man and family’s legacy honor and worth. This is not just a way to label one another. The sure name needs to be protected and respected over any one (especially female) member of the family.
Human emotions are treated as inconveniences and no matter what you are feeling
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A reception party with gifts take place among a festive gathering of friends and family.
Always these contracts are presented with an understanding of each’s family’s expectations. They have a poisonously stiff and refined manner when dealing with others. Both partners in these contracts bring their own mask of politeness and pleasantries to cover the undertones of smug and destined entitlement towards the other. Only when something that appears to not go as planned is when rawer emotions burst through.
What I found most interesting about these letters were the individuals who make up the society. I found is a little difficult to determine if the wants of an individual were not only caused by the pressures to go along with society. When I look back onto early cultures, it is nice to have reminders like this collection of letters. No matter how unfamiliar early Florence society appears, it is still easy to find the similarities that are embedded within my own. These letters provide needed examples of an average life in the Renaissance, from a nontraditional historian's perspective. Ideas like strict tradition, religion, and societal norms breakthrough from the words of actual Florence citizens. I feel that the early Renaissance society comes to life so vividly because it is told from the perspective Bartolomeo
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