Examples Of Literary Criticism Of Hamlet

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After reading your chosen essay of literary criticism, respond to the following questions:
1) What was your author's thesis?

Loberg’s starts her essay by informing the reader that physical violence is the most infrequent form of aggression and that people prefer alternatives that give bigger effect and less punishment. Her thesis implies that Hamlet shows a great amount of examples of how humans psychologically treat each other. Characters spread aggression in non physical violent ways such as spreading lies, framing others and etc. Opening to the thought that the Queen was not seen as a suspect to Ophelia’s death because she did not use physical violence.

“ I suggest that, within this context of prevalent indirect aggression and with
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“According to Kaj Bjorkqvist, a pioneer in the field of human aggression, the development of social and verbal skills allows for "sophisticated strategies of aggression," "with the aggressor being able to harm a target person without even being identified: Those strategies may be referred to as indirect aggression” ("Sex Differ- ences," 179).”

This quotation is from a secondary source since the author is citing it from someone else, citing it which clearly represents that it is not her words.

Is the quotation used to illustrate a point, provide clarification, or just to identify a part of the play?

The quotation is used to illustrate a point and provide clarification on human aggression.

Does the author use an entire sentence, or just part of the sentence?
In this quotation specifically , the author uses the entire sentence.

Is the quotation incorporated into one of the author's
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64 Loberg)

“Stereotype”(p. 61 Loberg)

6) What did this particular perspective add to your understanding of Hamlet?

I found this essay to be very intriguing and it definitely changed my perspective on Queen Gertrude, it made me want to pay more attention to hints in reading and makes me want to think more in depth. If I never read this essay I would have never thought that Gertrude could have been involved in Ophelia's death.

7) Did you notice anything about the way in which this essay was written that seems to contradict essay “rules” you have been taught in the past? If so, explain

I realized that the author did not order her information from first events to the end events but a quite random order, which is something I’ve never done because I believe it is just common sense to order information chronologically which I found surprising that the author would do that, she still managed to get her points across and have me understand but I think it would have been more efficient if the author had her information in chronological
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