Examples Of Literature Assignment In Literature

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Jacob Henry
Ms. Williams
A.P. Literature 2017-2018
July 30, 2017

A.P. Literature Assignment

Assignment One: The Terms!

First Person: A point-of-view writing that uses pronouns that refer to the narrator.
Second Person: Using pronouns that address someone else.
Third Person: Using pronouns that never refers to the speaker but to addressing someone else.
Omniscient: A third person point-of-view that knows everything.
Limited Omniscient: A third person point of view that knows everything about one person but not everyone else.
Free indirect discourse: The narrator explains all the thoughts and actions of a character in an off an on fashion. Taking the narrator of a story and into an omniscient point-of-view.
Objective narrator: A point-of-view that describes only appearance and not the emotions or thoughts of characters.
Unreliable narrator: A narrator that has shown to be uncredible due to bias, illnesses, or a mental state of mind.
Protagonist: The main character in the book whether the character is mentioned more or whether the person is the main focus of the book.
Antagonist: A character that may challenge or oppose the main character objectives.
Antihero: A main character or character that lacks conventional heroic qualities.
Foil: A character that juxtaposes the main character in order to see the other characters traits.
Stock character: A recognizable character that the audience knows and can be placed in the
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