Examples Of Log Entries In The Da Vinci Code

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30% Log Entry - The Da Vinci Code ● Describe the plot. What has happened so far? Are there parts you don’t understand? Are there parts that you like? I have read roughly 200 pages in “The Da Vinci Code” and so far, the book has been exciting to read. The first big event that took place in the book was that Jacques Sauniére was chased down and killed. Sauniére worked as a curator at the Louvre in Paris, France and he was a well-known man. After his death, the French equivalent to the FBI, DCPJ starts to investigate the case and they ask an American expert, named Robert Langdon for help. Dr. Langdon is a suspect of the murder but the police officer does not tell him about the suspicion. Instead, the officer tries to make him incriminate himself to build a…show more content…
Many complicated words are used and the reader needs to have a broad vocabulary to understand every single word. Anyway, I feel like you do not have to understand every word to understand the whole sentence or paragraph. In the book, there are a few metaphors and similes but many more descriptions and facts about symbols. An example would be “That is, that the Grail story uses the chalice as a metaphor of something else, something far more powerful”. In this quote, Dan Brown writes about metaphors but he is not using them. Instead, he chooses to describe the history of a symbolic item that really is a metaphor for the real Holy Grail. This shows that Dan Brown focuses on the iconography and symbols, not similes and metaphors. Although, Dan Brown’s character Professor Langdon uses some metaphors to describe his view of the world. The narrator also uses a few similes to describe certain items but there are not many metaphors and similes. In this book a few is more than enough and I do not think that Dan Brown needs to use more similes and metaphors. If he would use more similes and metaphors, the book would only be more complicated and harder to
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