Examples Of Logos In Julius Caesar

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Rhetoric seems like a big word but the meaning is simple- persuasion. In the book Julius Caesar, Antony and Brutus, two major characters, are fantastic at persuading the Roman citizens. When one is reading the story, they might think that both have equal amounts but when you look closer, Antony has the better rhetoric strategies. In just a few short sentences, Antony convinced the people to believe that Caesar needed revenge even though he never came out and told them that. Just a couple of minutes ago, the citizens were on Brutus’s side and thought that Caesar needed to go. During both Brutus’s and Antony’s speeches, they didn’t use much logos. Despite this, Brutus says: “The case for his death is on record in the capitol. His…show more content…
I feel as if both of the characters did an okay job of using logos. Neither one really stuck out by saying all these facts and using numbers to prove their point. Antony and Brutus are great at using rhetoric but logos seems to be one that is a bit harder for the two of them. When they were speaking, Brutus used his love for the people to win them over and Antony knew how to get to their emotions. Because of this, I don’t think there was an obvious winner in the logos category. Both Mark Antony and Marcus Brutus are great at using people’s emotions to grab their attention. In Brutus’s speech, he used the feeling of slavery: “Would you rather have Caesar alive and all die slaves, than Caesar dead to all live free men?” Nobody wants to be a slave and would feel angry if they were. Brutus is using this feeling to make it sound like Caesar would have made them all into slaves but because he is dead, they are all free. If one thinks about it some more, the people were like slaves under Caesar’s power. They weren’t free to do as they liked due to the fact that if it upset Caesar, you’d be executed. After Caesar was dead, the people were free to do as they pleased. Brutus used the emotion of anger to show that he killed Caesar so the people could be free of his controlling power. While Antony was talking, you could tell that he was hurting by the words he chose. The most emotional part of his whole speech was “Bear with me. My
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