Examples Of Machiavellism In Macbeth

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Machiavellism in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth: A critical Study
Hergie Alexis. SEGUEDEME,
Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Email: hergiealexis@gmail.com

Kossi Joiny TOWA-SELLO,
Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Email: kossijoinytowasello@gmail.com

The aim of this article is to showcase and discuss Machiavellism in William Shakespeare’s play portraying by the tragedy attitudes on Macbeth and the challenge around Scotland kingdom power in British society during the Elizabethan period. This study has carried out a great desire of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth characters and their double dealing to get the Scotland kingdom great power or get-up-and-go throughout strong or a longing through unnatural power act of ambitious characters. In the process, this article has highlighted some cogent impacts of a great glory and the side effect
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The assertion above points out that Macbeth’s ambition track is widely opened and from this point he has life between life and death since the stake is great. Well, Macbeth is anger to be successful in his world. He does not get the title of General of army for anything, he deserves it and from here, the way he defended his country showed he is an instance good one. Macbeth is fearless during the fighting, as a result he is unconscious. He is motivated, even fighting, by desires, fears, needs, and conflicts of which is unaware. It is certainly in this light that François P. Agboïgba claims:

In the first Act, as soon as Macbeth is told about his future prospect, the next thing he does is to inform his wife by sending her a letter. Furthermore in the letter, he refer to as “my dearest partner of his greatness” and, in the process, he shares at the same time with her his glorious political experience. In a sense Macbeth became an original husband regarding the patriarchal society in which he

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