Examples Of Marginalized Student Intervention

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Marginalized Student Intervention Students with learning disabilities in the K-12 school system create complicated learning circumstances for both students and teachers and is therefore a topic highly considered in the K-12 school environment in today’s society. Further, students with learning disabilities, who received some sort of special education, has increased throughout the past years from 4.7 million students in 1990-1991 (or 11 percent of the public school enrollment) to 6.7 million students in 2004-2005 (or 14 percent of the public school enrollment), which is a high percentage and therefore it is important to focus on how to help students with learning disabilities (National Center for Education Statistics, 2017). These statistics show an increase in students with learning disabilities in the K-12 school system, which is why it is important to consider an approach to create a better learning environment for students with learning disabilities. Students with learning disabilities need to be in an environment in which their opportunities can be as good as for those students who do not have learning disabilities, so that these students are equally prepared to continue their educational journey post K-12 schooling. Therefore, it is important that teachers learn more about learning disabilities in order to help students with such. Students with learning disabilities cover a wide spectrum of students, since it can be difficult to put the students into boxes according

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