Examples Of Marie Curie

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Contributions Approach
Example 1
During science class while studying elements a teacher introduces Marie Curie and her contributions to the science community by sharing articles and book excerpts about what she accomplished in her lifetime. Students will learn she was a chemist and physicist and that she discovered polonium and radium. They also will learn of her contributions to the installation of X-ray machines and the purposes they served in World War I. This is important because in our society today, science is a male dominated field. However, by using Marie Curie as an example, young girls may realize it is possible to be successful in science and make significant contributions.
Example 2
On September 16, students in the high school
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Although this book is fiction, it is based on historical facts and it demonstrates to students that the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving together. It shares with students that the Indians, led by Samoset and Squanto, helped the Pilgrims survive by planting corn and helping them build houses. Students draw pictures on big sheets of paper, re-writing in their own words the story of the first Thanksgiving. This book introduces students to the concept that Indians were an instrumental part of the Pilgrims survival, and had they not helped, the Pilgrims may not have survived. This story offers students a different concept of Thanksgiving then ones they have previously heard.
Transformation Approach
Example 1
As students are studying and learning about the Battle of the Alamo in Texas history, they will read traditional textbooks, as well as different materials from the Mexican soldiers’ point of view. By reading diaries and eyewitness accounts the students gain insight into both sides of the story and are able to establish a more complete understanding of the issues and events of that time and how it relates to Texas history. This is important because the students are challenged to think beyond the knowledge they have grown accustomed to hearing and are exposed to new ideas and concepts.
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