Examples Of Market Segmentation Of Apple

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A. Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and Differentiation are marketing tools which help the marketers differentiate, attract, retain and grow the customer base for their respective products.
Market segmentation is a process of segregating the market into different smaller groups. A market comprises of large number of heterogeneous customer base with distinct tastes and preferences. A marketer needs to classify and segment people into smaller homogeneous groups basis similar characteristics, tastes, preferences, likes, etc. so that they will respond in a similar fashion to a particular product launched for that segment. Thus, market segmentation can be defined as, “the sub-dividing of a market into homogeneous subsets of customers from the
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Apple very meticulously examines the trends and lifestyles of consumers as the lifestyle of a person is directly linked to his/ her preferences. As different people have different lifestyles, Apple identified and provided different features for different people in one phone like touch screen, iTunes, iPod for young generation while calendar, emails and web browsing for sophisticated business class people.

• Demographic Segmentation – It is the market segmentation based on demographic features such as age, sex, income, qualification, religion, nationality, etc. Apple’s demographic segmentation is generally based on gender and age. Apple has been successful in attracting a large amount of youngsters as it provides features like i-tunes, net browsing, gaming, video player and most importantly massive storage space which enable downloading and storing of data. Research reveals that typically iPhone user is young, wealthy and a geek type be it male or female.

 Micromax: Micromax is an Indian company dealing in consumer electronics. It entered into the handset market in 2008 and has mainly focused on the rural market. The following is the market segmentation followed by
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