Examples Of Materialism In A Perfect Day For Bananafish

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John Steinbeck suggests that “ to a monster the norm must seem monstrous, since everyone is normal to himself”. Just as some people are born missing limbs or with another physical birth defect, such as a birthmark, others could be born missing a trait vital to communicate with the world around them or lose a trait throughout the course of their life. Although this missing trait is not visible to others in society, does not mean it is any less serious. For instance, Seymour has a severe case of PTSD after returning from war that causes his actions to seem ‘abnormal’ to those around him, even his family. Furthermore, Seymour finds that the actions of those around him, the materialistically obsessed, are difficult for him to cope with. In J.D. Salinger’s “A Perfect Day for Bananafish”, Salinger depicts how life is for the “monsters” like Seymour in such a materialistic society. Seymour, a seemingly normal man to the naked eye, is secluded from the world around him. Searching for an escape from such an uninviting society, Seymour takes some big grasps for help before committing to his eventual demise. Salinger begins his depiction of Seymour through disdain before he brings the audience to his heart breaking conclusion. Salinger indicates that the emotionally fragile cannot survive in a materialistic and superficial society because society is not willing to accept those who are different. Salinger begins his short story by depicting a materialistic society; in turn, he creates
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