Examples Of Metatheory

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There are many metatheoretical traditions that have influenced modern social sciences as we know it today. This essay critically compares the two different concepts such as “objectivity” and “neutrality” in various educational theories and systems such as: Missionary education, Apartheid education, Post-Apartheid education, Revised National Curriculum Statement (RNCS) and Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). We discuss the applications of these two seemingly different concepts and their application in different educational theories such as: Constructivism, behaviorism and social cognition. Furthermore, we discuss “objectivity” and “neutrality” in various educational contexts. I will attempt to show that education cannot be neutral if the objectives are politically and economically driven.

Defining metatheory
Metatheory is the study aimed at understanding the “nature of social inquiry” (Babbie & Mouton, 1998). There are different names for metatheory such as: “metascience, philosophy of science and the epistemology of science” (Babbie & Mouton, 1998). According to Babbie and Mouton metatheory has a three world’s framework: world one inquires about the nature of society and human conduct, world two aims to understand social inquiry and then lastly world three the methodologies used in understanding the
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Social sciences views objectivity as: “not something entirely distinct from detachment of fairness and honesty” (Fay, Pomper, & Vann, 1998). However it is a way in rather improving invaluable and important inflexible virtues. In social science neutrality can similarly be seen as the idiom “sitting on a fence” which is why it is hard or even impossible to achieve neutrality in social science. Neutrality can be seen as being impartial towards facts. In this essay we will be following the definitions of objectivity and neutrality as seen in the social
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