Examples Of Microbiologic Automation

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1. The inflammation process begins by a response to any agent that causes cell injury or bacteria response. This could either be physical, chemical or microbiologic. Physical response is can either by to heat or cold. Concentrated acid or alkali are some examples of chemical response. Some examples of microbiologic response is bacterium or virus. After the inflammation response begins, the capillaries begin to dilate. The blood vessels begin to expand, which increases the blood flow. This causes the skin to increase in temperature and redness. Because of the dilation, the capillary permeability, a condition of the capillary wall structure that allows blood elements and waste products to pass through the capillary wall to tissue spaces, increases. The leakage of plasma causes the skin or affected area to begin to swell. White blood cells, leukocytes, begin to migrate to the site of injury. Polymorphonuclear is the most important cell. At this point in the inflammation process, the systemic response begins. This is a set of physiologic actions that fight the infection and heal wounds. Exudates are fluids and cells that filled the tissue space during inflammation. There are many different types of exudate: serous, purulent, fibrinous, hemorrhagic based, and purulent exudate. The last part of the inflammation process is the outcome. This depends on how…show more content…
The patient shows signs and symptoms of systemic reaction. The patient started with an acute injury, but the burn quickly became infected. The systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) was caused by the burn wound becoming infected. In order to properly diagnosis this reaction, the health care provider needs a little more information. Blood work should be drawn from Mrs. X (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, 2015). Her body is trying to fight off the infection that has developed in the burn. The redness is caused by the release of local vasodilation substances (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome,
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